Gift Membership with 2 Cookbooks


You Get:

  • Annual membership to SORTEDfood – redemption code sent via email
  • 2 Cookbooks gift wrapped sent to your door

Shipping Information

A shipping fee is charged depending on your world zone. It’s calculated at checkout but you can also see detailed shipping information & prices here.

*This bundle will be shipped out to you if both Cookbooks are currently in stock (Can’t Be Arsed 2, A.M. Menu, Cooking To The Beat, Hero Veg) If purchased with one or more of our reprint cookbooks (You Are Sorted, Desserts In Duvets or How We Cook) please note that we will not be shipping your order until 3rd December 2021.

Both Cookbooks will be shipped to you immediately. We recommend tracked shipping to guarantee the safe arrival of your books.

The redemption coupon code for Gift membership is sent to the billing email address of the order within 24 hours of the despatch of the Cookbooks.

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Book 2

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