Within the next few weeks we’ll be able to release the title of the NEXT BOOK. As you might know, it’s based all around easy & ridiculously quick recipes that are great to make in the week after a long day… at work… college… university… school… knitting….

From the last forum post we have some great ideas and requests that we’re definitely going to be using. Not just for recipes but for pages inbetween to help you master things like freezing foods and how to level up when you’ve got extra time.

We’ve already been speaking to a few of you members about recipes too but we also need more! Our deadline for getting all the ideas together is this coming Tuesday 24th April. We won’t be able to work on any submitted after this time so get ’em in quick.

Everyone’s welcome to contribute!


Send us your recipe or idea!

12 + 8 =


  1. Amyhammond94

    Send in a reciepe for one of my favourite reciepes for meatball pasta curry. Enjoy! 🙂

  2. aeaiman

    I tried to submit a recipe but kept getting an error. I don’t know what I did wrong. Ugh.

  3. CaptainJones

    My sister is very fond of “Christmas cheese,” as she calls it. I add fire-roasted red pepper and sundried tomato to a typical basil/garlic/parmesan pesto and blend it up with nice sharp goat chevre and it makes a wonderful spread for toast or sandwiches. Christmas because of the red, green, and white that go into it. You can mix up a fairly large batch and it keeps for some time, makes a great snack if you honestly can’t be arsed.

  4. Edbrown96

    I think for me. When I CBA I go for a takeaway. So it would be nice to have a section of takeaway classics which are fast simple and delicious.

    And for me that is a donor kebab. Easy 20 min recipe. I’ll send in the recipe.

  5. Katie J.

    This Is a sand which I made for my brother (Jeremiah) who claims cooking is impossible. I made this to show him not only is it possible it can be super easy and Full of flavors he (and you all) will enjoy!! All of the stuff I used to make it was stuff I already had in my apt so you can totally substitute or add what you like!
    Credit were credit is due I used SortedFoods red pepper sauce. It’s amazing and really adds depth to this sandwich.

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