Hey guys!

We’re working on some exciting new projects and we’re looking for awesome, independent restaurants in London! Do you know of any places we’ve just GOT TO try out?

Drop us a comment below and let us know!

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  1. rorovp

    Red Rooster- Shoreditch. I’m really not a fried chicken lover whatsoever, but this place has converted me. Their whole fried chicken and waffles are to DIE for- their special rooster sauce is one of the best bits too. Definitely worth a try. And another try. And another try.

  2. CarnivoreByChoice

    I’m sure you guys know London is not a place for cheesesteak.none of the restaurants do it right except one,Passyunk Avenue
    https://maps.app.goo.gl/dzBbj does uthenic American Philly cheese steak in a classic American diner. Real cheese wiz on rib eye steak mince with juicy onions as well as other classic American foods

  3. LoganTO87

    There is this wonderful Bistro in Holloway owned by an Ecuadorian family called Alcedo

    Also, if you’re a beer fan, just down the road is a wonderful tasting room called Indiebeer. Small business with 2 employees (husband and wife) who just love beer so decided 2 years ago to quit their jobs and open a shop.

  4. solis_occasus

    Vegan food is exploding atm! Here are a few indi places with lots of options.
    Farmacy in Notting hill is amazing for breakfast.
    Mildred’s (three locations, my favourite is KingsX) has great variety.
    Temple of Seitan (Camden and Hackney) has the dirtiest burgers and mac’n’cheese I have tried in years.
    Yorica is great for desserts, as you already know from your vegan week.
    Cookies and scream on holloway rd does amazing free from cookies and brownies
    26 grains in neal’s yard do exceptional porridge
    Look mum, no hands in Islington do a solid breakfast – and they’ll fix your bike while you eat!

  5. Simonheath8@gmail.com

    Would highly recommend Arabica Bar and Kitchen in Borough Market, London. Outstanding and modern levante cuisine and some killer cocktails with an arabian twist. Its now a regular of mine.

  6. 1974alw

    I would highly recommend TW2 Bar and Grill, 80-82 The Green, Twickenham, TW2 5AG. I’ve had some great meals there. Brilliant welcome, staff are really helpful and the food is really good.

  7. 123abc4273

    Check out Cut + Grind! They are really awesome guys and make really delicious food

  8. Why London?
    You gotta venture down under on a Culinary tour
    Experience Sydney’s fine dining
    Experience the food of Tasmania
    Go ‘Up North’ and experience bush tucker (Northern Territory that is)
    Come to Western Australia and go down to the Margaret River region during the yearly food and wine festival
    Go fishing up North West Australia or Northern QLD

    Bring plenty of sunscreen dudes and come late Spring as you’ll die in the summer months.. we don’t want your baby skin to dry out 😉

    • PS Spring down under is in September – November

  9. ahem

    Torshi, Middle Eastern style restaurant in Tottenham. As a bonus, it’s at Five Miles -http://fivemiles.london/food/ – combo bar, brewery, and club.

  10. kittyrea

    Would LOVE to see you guys go to Passyunk Avenue in Fitzrovia! They have the best Philly cheesesteaks (and other Philly staples) in London. It is a super awesome place with an amazing staff!!

  11. jmj103jj

    Veeraswamy Indian restaurant on Regent Street. Go for the sampler menu to try the chef recommendations and be surrounded by platters and have multiple courses. I was there over seven years ago and still remember the food!

  12. Menchuvian

    Umm. I’m kind of disappointed in these suggestions.

    I very much like Clos Maggiore and Palomar. The former gets short shrift for being in a tourist location, but desserts, soups, breads and fish have been stellar in my experience. Palomar is great fun, small, plates of huge flavor.

  13. LadyLocket

    I can’t edit my comment so I wanted to add, many places on the IOW cook with meat and vegetables that are from IOW farms. Some places can even list which exact farm each ingredient came from.

  14. LadyLocket

    Not a restaurant but an Island.
    Would you guys consider doing a food tour of the Isle of Wight?
    The seafood and fish ‘n’ chips are amazing as it’s freshly caught and the general standard of food is excellent in the pubs and restaurants.
    I would recommend going either May or September as the seasonal businesses are all up and running, the majority of tourists aren’t there and the weather is normally lovely. You could obviously visit during hight of the season but for ease of filming, getting tables and booking they are often the best months.
    You could also do food on holiday with kids/family if you wanted, as there’s so much for children during summer.

  15. davidsone

    I believe Naples has the best pizza ever. Has anyone tasted this pizza and do they know where one could find a pizza in London that would match this standard?

  16. Chris Winter

    The Barge House, Haggerston. Great location along the canal just north of Old Steet, superb food and awesome people running the place. Not to mention good value.

  17. Jadeybeee

    I stumbled on this restaurant by chance and is one of my favourites, the SPAGHETTIHOUSE in London! Fabulous Italian food!!

  18. Florrieanne

    Although I don’t know of any restaurants in London you should go to Loughborough Road in Leicester and see how many different restaurants you can eat in in 24 hours there are loads of different cultures and cuisine styles I have visited it once and I wish I could have stayed longer!

  19. pete

    Crazy light pizza black bases made with charcoal at the worlds only vampire pizzeria! Strictly 80s playlist and comic books on the ceiling the Place is so much fun.

  20. Nopeanutjoe

    Knife – Clapham – gorgeous, tiny, and very friendly. The best dining experience I’ve had. Unbelievable steak restaurant.

    Flour and Grape – Bermondsey – very, very good Italian. Simple pasta menu, fresh that day.

  21. JessLiu

    C & R Cafe Restaurant in London Chinatown. It does the most amazing Singapore Laksa, Nasi Goreng and Nasi Lemak. Follow it up with requesting an Ais Kacang for dessert.

  22. Xaluar

    Its not really a restaurant but Chatsworth Market in Clapton (Hackney) has a really good street food market on a Sunday that you have to go to. The best stall is a Sri Lankan food stall called Kottu Lanka, and they make curries with roti bread cut up and mixed in.

  23. hannahcookes

    These are my favourites.

    La Farola
    The Little Viet Kitchen
    Zia Lucia

    And also a restaurant calle Archipelego serve exotic meats and are well worth a visit!

  24. AgentArachnid

    Try the hard rock cafe. It’s an american themed diner chain that is all around the world with each one serving something different in the burger known as the Local Legendary

    • 123abc4273

      I think this post was looking for independent restaurants potentially for supper clubs and partnering, but Hard Rock Cafe is really nice!

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