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Are you be able to commit to confirming a booking from a Sorted member within 90 mins of receiving a push notification through an app?

Are you able to commit to offering 1-3 food gifts for a Sorted Member to share with their table?

Do you understand that after 3 valid, negative reviews from a Sorted Member we reserve the right to remove you and work with you to review your status on the app?

*Club Gift Ideas & Inspiration

The extra club gift that we request is offered to Sorted members upon dining isn’t necessarily about giving away ‘freebies’ or money off. We also understand your time and resource constraints as a restaurant. This is about offering something extra that sits at the heart of what you do best as a restaurant. Our members are extreme foodies and are invested in your passion, so what would you insist they try if you had it your way to keep ’em coming back time and time again?

Access to secret menus/ off-menu special plates?

Exclusive time to chat to the chef?

An extra starter/ dessert/ sharing plate?

A bespoke cocktail on arrival?

An extra glass of wine/ liqueur with the bill?

A kitchen preview?

Access to the best seats in the house?

A craft goodie to take away on the night?