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S2 E3 – Rabbits Eating Cheetos and Hubba Bubba Farts?!

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If you’ve had a tough week then this episode is sure to cheer you up, it made us laugh just recording it. Today we delve in to the myths of chewing gum and how it could help or hinder your body, and we discuss the question you’ve all been asking…

Where do caterpillars feet go when they turn in to a butterfly?!

Mind. Blown. 

Best soundbite: “I think anus, and i’m gonna base this on the fact that when they are caterpillars, and I’ve read that book, he eats it in the drawing, he eats it with his mouth, and I think that mouth might become an anus when they turn in to butterflies” – Jamie Spafford


  1. Claire-Louise

    Just joined the club so catching up on all I’ve missed. The only one I knew was that camel milk doesn’t curdle. When I was in Egypt I got a camel milk skin moisturiser that was very liquidly and hadn’t really been treated with anything. It stayed perfectly fine for over a year (worked wonders too!)

  2. NienkevN

    Just thinking, what about the laxative effect of chewing gum for losing a double chin?

  3. thehulkemann

    I asked my brother-in-law about the caterpillar feet. As he is currently keeping some in jars to observe them turning into butterflies I thought him an appropriate person to ask. According to him, when caterpillars are in their chrysalis they have shed their skin and the only thing keeping them together is the chrysalis. So we’re guessing that without the skin they don’t really have feet? He did confirm that butterflies don’t have feet.

  4. susanmaroni

    I love Barry’s suggestion of spending time in an emerging culture and learning/cooking that culture’s food and traditions.I’ve been lucky to have that experience; it’s mind blowing and humbling and would make great viewing. Also, please reconsider having video with these podcasts. I am sure there are video gems each week, and it would have been so much fun to see last week’s in particular.

    • Sorted

      Oh wow really? Where did you visit? It’s definitely on our bucket list!! And we’ll pass it on to the production team!

    • susanmaroni

      I lived in West Africa for about 3 years, 2001– 2004, and spent time in Mali with Tuareg people and in the Dogon region. As a confirmed vegetarian, it took me a while to realize that in other parts of the world and in other cultures, people eat meat of necessity. I did not take easily to camel liver or other such delicacies, but I learned they were offered with generosity and hospitality. I am still mostly vegetarian but with occasional nods to communal eating and sharing.Thanks for all you do!

  5. Esther

    LOL Barry’s comment about people who don’t really know anything about football is me in a nutshell. Devastated when England lost but I’ll be honest, I didn’t really understand what I was watching.

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