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S2 E4 – Wasps In Figs & A Champagne Marathon?!

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In todays podcast BARRY fact checked BEN. Yes, that’s right. BAZ knew something that Ben DIDN’T!

We never thought we’d see the day.

Also, can we send some good vibes to Mike for his wedding cake challenge?

Best soundbite: “These are the superheroes no one knows about because they’re in the new Batman film. Basically, they’re all people who aren’t as good as Batman.” – Barry Taylor


  1. ruba

    Where’s the link to Jamie’s Wikipedia page?

  2. Esther

    I can partially answer Mike’s question about growing figs! I can’t speak for all varieties, but my dad has a couple of fully grown fig trees in the back garden. Pacific Westcoast so our climate is usually sunny and dry for 2 – 3 months of the year, gloomy and rainy for the remainder. Very moderate temperature. He waters the trees in the summer due to the lack of rain but otherwise, he just leaves them alone and we get a decent harvest every year.

  3. Xenia97

    Why did you remove the video? I loved it! Can you bring it back for the next season?

    And good luck with your wedding cake, Mike, I’m sure you’ll manage perfectly 🙂

    • Sorted

      Hey Xenia,

      We removed it so that we could focus on the sound quality of the podcasts and make sure it’s the best audio experience it can be…also, we reckon watching 4 guys sat at a table might get pretty boring after hours and hours of it!

      Hope you can understand!

      • Xenia97

        Okay, I can definitely understand that! And don’t get me wrong: I still enjoy the podcast immensely!
        Thank you for answering ☺️

  4. thehulkemann

    1) Mike’s comment about Gatorade originating with the Florida Gators is true 🙂
    2) As an attempting-to-be-runner I’ll have to try out the pretzels and pickles.
    3) Can’t wait to see your pizza twirling skills in a future episode Ben 😉
    Great listening as always guys!!

  5. Embrookejames

    The US actually has a version of Kinder Eggs, they are modified. They are Kinder Joy Eggs. The chocolate and the toy are two separate compartments.

    • Esther

      So that’s what that is! I’m in Canada and saw Kinder Joy Eggs for the first time a few weeks ago. I thought it was a new product launch.

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