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S2 E5 – A Tasty Wedding Dress & Sorted Fanfiction?!

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There’s a LOT of talk of edible balls in today’s episode and we find out that Mike has the least creative parents EVER.

BUT more excitingly, we might have actually come up with a REAL name for the poddy: ‘Feast Your Ears’! What do ya think??

Best soundbite: “I hope she had underwear on under the dress…especially if the guests are gonna eat it.” – Ben Ebbrell


  1. My proper name is Caoilfhionn and is pronounced Key-lynn. Not one person can say or spell it. I’ve bet people $1,000 if they can say it without Googling it. I wish I could change it to something simpler, like Megan but everyone knows who I am when no one can get my name right. It’s nice to be unique but still frustrating because I get teased relentlessly or called the wrong name. I get Miley on the phone a lot haha.

  2. anitschke90

    My parents gave me and my siblings all unisex names. On top of that my sisters and brother got slightly unusual names (Laken, Tully and Karlen. Can you guess which is suppose to be the boys name?). There was no reason behind the names other than my parents liking the sound of it. I love how simple my name is compared to my siblings. Though it does make it slightly difficult living in Japan where everyone expects to see a man when the see the name Alex on their documents.

  3. CaitlinDee

    I’m with Jamie about people calling him James. I don’t know why it made me so angry but I would not let anyone call me Katie. I am not Katie, I am Caitlin. Katie is a perfectly fine name and I know some great Katie’s. It’s just not for me.

  4. Evelinaalblasskogum

    So, about the name Fin(n). Barry you are almost right but you have muddle it up a bit. (Am going to sound like Ben now).
    Fin meens nice in Swedish. Like you can say to someone “Du ser fin ut” – “You look nice”. The Swedish word “Slut” means “The end”. So after al our tv shows when it says “The End”, it simply says “Slut”. Now here is where I think you might have muddle it up. Because “The End” in French is “C’est Fini”, sounds like(ish) zest fin. 😀

    Thank of coming to my TED talk, good night! 🤣

  5. Firewolf

    My name is Firewolf (yes, it really is)it’s the English translation of Ko’Maiitsoh which is Fire Wolf in Navajo Indian. As a Native American, it’s not too uncommon, but the White American kids always teased me about it. I love my name as it reflects my personality. All of my family & friends though call me Wolfie and I love that too. It just infuriates me though when people ask me if that’s my “gamer’s name”.

  6. Powerfulweak

    Growing up I was one of 5 “Sarah” in my class (one of whom had the exact same last name as me as well). It was such a pain. What I hated (and still hate) most of all it that’s Sarah doesn’t lend itself to nicknames and can’t easily be shortened.

  7. AimeeAwhina

    My last name’s French. Here in Anglophone NZ, *NO ONE* gets it right. I suppose it built character…? But I’ve never hated it, or wished it was different. It’s part of who I am 🙂

  8. Jenny

    I’m with Jamie and Barry on this one. My actual name is Jenny, at a time when Jennifer was very popular, and I’ve spent my entire life explaining that Jennifer is not my name. I don’t even hear it if people call me it from a distance because they obviously aren’t calling me.

  9. heyyou

    It was the Chevy Nova. No va in Spanish means no go.

  10. Sorted

    Here are some links to the nonsense we mention this week!

    What is a croquembouche?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croquembouche
    Croquembouche wedding dress: https://www.delish.com/food/g1934/food-fashion/?slide=4

    Catch Ben’s adventures with American friends on his Insta: https://www.instagram.com/bebbrell/
    If you have any burning questions, grill us here: https://sorted.club/2018/06/12/grilled/
    Get chatting on our Forum: https://sorted.club/forum/

  11. j.hamilton

    My father’s name is David – he absolutely hates being called Dave! He’ll be polite about it, especially in business but then when the interaction is over he’s just irritated! My name is fairly basic – but I was named after the actress that played my mom’s favourite character on a show. Not the character – the actress.

  12. Whistlecanoe

    When my mother was pregnant with me, she and my father decided that I was to be named John after her father and the next one would be Hugh after his father. Shock set in when I turned out to be female and they had to come up with a name in a hurry. They picked Anne, which I hate. I’ve always wondered what I would be like if they’d been less conventional and just named me John anyway. All those years of arguing with teachers about my name might have made me stronger, who knows.

  13. EilSeoighe

    My name is fairly unusual even in Ireland (Never ever had anything with my name on it). It’s Eilís pronounced (I-leesh). It means Elizabeth in english. I get called Ailish (ay-lish) all the time even by people who know me for years. It drives me mad! Since moving to London I get called Ellis alot. Have to say I love my name!I just wish people would take an extra 5 seconds to learn how to say it sometimes. Totally get what Barry was saying about nicknames. Mine is Eil and I find it so weird when someone who doesn’t know me well calls me Eil. It really throws me.

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