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S2 E7 – Exploding Marshmallows & Bat Poop Seasoning?!

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Right, we’re calling it ‘Feast Your Ears’. We’ve committed now and we can’t change it.

This week we discover that tea cakes aren’t as fun as we remembered, poop can be used as seasoning and James can fly a plane?! HOW did we not know this before??

Best soundbite: “Have that to suck on. Oh no that’s a horrible sound in the microphone.” – Ben Ebbrell


  1. Annie1962

    nah.. I don’t believe the RAF banned them because marshmallows are very pliable and chocolate just won’t fly around like that. It’d crack if anything and stick to the chocolate

    I haven’t heard the result but I don’t believe you Benneth

  2. raptorwrecks

    very late, but as i’m catching up right now i’m listening to this podcast while cooking! otherwise it’s usually either billy joel or a true crime podcast. drinkwise it’s just whatever’s on hand.

    and now the reason for the comment: i’ve been puzzling out for a while now which one of you guys’ opinions would matter most on a dish. (in my life it’s easy, my mother. she taught me how to cook and gives great, merciless feedback.) amoung you, i think what i’ve come down to is two things. i trust Jamie’s tastes to be more in line with mine. we seem to enjoy a similar level of spice and savory flavors. and the second is that i think i trust mike most as a measure of what it’s possible to do technique-wise as just a home cook. god love ben but sometimes he looks at a camera and goes “it’s really quite simple” and i just have to throw up my hands because no ben. no. mike’s also got interesting flavor combinations in the battles (though i suppose this is down to James as well, half point to each?).

  3. CaitlinDee

    Although I watch all of the videos, I do only re-watch ones with James in them, so can you really blame him? Lol

  4. Firewolf

    When I cook I tend to listen to instrumental guitar music (Michael Hedges, Andy McKee, Antoine DuFour, Craig D’Andrea) or sometimes Joni Mitchell, Shawn Colvin. Old Rolling Stones if it’s a spunky, spicy recipe. I drink mostly water, apple cider or iced coffee.

    My mother in law is from Toisan, China & she used to make bid’s nest soup for her parents. She says that mostly the older folks went for stuff like bird’s nest soup, turtle soup, fish heads & ‘innards’. I tried bird’s nest soup once. Once. Never again. I almost threw up, it was so awful.

    Another suggestion for Grilled: What food do each of you absolutely hate? Like to the point it would make you sick. Also, I really love Ethiopian & Moroccan cuisine. Could you do a video on some of those recipes? I love Bastilla.

  5. Xenia97

    Thank you for answering my question it was very interesting!
    I’m definitely with you on the beer and wine 🙂 not so much on the rap music though …

  6. Jessica K.

    Catching up on the podcast! Love listening to music and drinking wine while cooking. I just put my music library on random and let what ever songs come on play.

  7. Elin-ae

    I haven’t really listened to music for years now, I used to listen all the time, always had my Walkman or mp3-player on my hip. But now I just listen to audio books, all the time, I think I go through 4-5 books/week. Right now I’m listen to this generational saga that starts in the 13th century and will end up in the 20th, and it does influence the way I think about food and how the way we eat and what we eat has changed drastically in just the past 100 years.

  8. aznandy

    Watching Queer Eye while cooking? Barry is pandering! jkjk

  9. stl.im

    I have tried bird’s nest and I can tell you what it tastes like! To be real, there’s not a real taste to it, more like a texture. It’s more the taste of what you put in the soup, and then the bird saliva is kinda gooey/slimy with a very slight, lil bite to it. My parents love this!

  10. megannwalsh

    From what I recall the bird’s nest soup is unethical bc they use fresh nests. I’m unsure if any birds are harmed in their collection but it is a cycle where these birds are trying to build a home and it’s constantly torn down. It’s no where near, in my opinion, as awful as shark fin soup is basically cutting a fin off and then letting the shark drown.

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