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S2 E9 – Tree Octopi & Cool As A Cucumber?!

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Sorted becomes a trio in this week’s poddy but don’t you worry, the facts and lies are probably wackier than ever.

We chat about land octopi, running the world off of cucumbers and try to change the way you guys think about food.

Best soundbite: “I am a massive, massive, MASSIVE fan of David Attenborough and if he has not shown me this… I feel like he has massively failed me in life.” – Benjamin Ebbrell


  1. Sarah Johnstone

    Avoid issues around cleaning a toaster and just use the grill! Also saves on space on the work top.

  2. cathy926

    Ahh I’m so happy Jamie used my fact! And both Ben and Barry got it wrong hehe

  3. Nah651

    I just subscribed and watched the first ep of season one I miss the video along with the podcast

  4. madjo

    And here I am trying to create sea sheep (after all there are already sea cows and sea horses). Turns out it already exists and is some sort of slug.

    • Nah651

      Things I did immediately once it was mentioned Clean the crumb tray…

  5. ScienceSpencer

    I’m from British Columbia (Canada) and I can confirm that there are temperate rainforests on the coast here.

    • Nah651

      As a fellow Canadian, I can say we have almost all of the biome’s, its kinda awsome!

  6. megannwalsh

    You should do an episode with all five of you. I think it’d be nice to hear all five of you on the podcast.

  7. mykahllc

    I’m in for Shared Pants Thursdays. Temperate rainforests are a thing and I’d love to make arboreal octopi a thing.

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