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S3 E11 – A Bonus Episode Say Whaaaaat?!

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Weren’t expecting this one were ya?! The guys reflect on a year at Sorted, discussing some of the best and worst moments of the year – what was your fave Sorted moment?


Don’t forget to stay tuned for the next season of the podcast which will be returning on the 11th January. It’s gonna be bigger and better than ever…plus you *should* be able to download it! Ooooer.


  1. Annie1962

    Sorted could always go out on the town as in.. cooking up a storm for someone special – maybe a couple who just got engaged. You know what I mean..

  2. Dimi

    I wonder what you think of a subscription service like Patreon as a way of making the ‘club’ more accessible to a wider public.
    I support a few people on there in a couple of different industries and can see a real benefit as a consumer, especially having all the things I support in one place where one monthly payment comes out of my account and I can log in to one place to see what everyone’s up to.
    And knowing a couple of artists that use the platform I see the benefit from the producers point of view as it helps them have a general idea of a stable income month to month and a ready made platform they don’t have to worry about maintaining from an IT standpoint.

    • Annie1962

      I have to agree there. I am Australian – I can’t join Sorted at any of their restaurant ventures or meetups etc.. so basically all I can do is listen to Podcasts or check out the recipe app… and books – only thing is the books are actually a bit expensive and for this Aussie, postage is extremely dear. The only book I’ve had from sorted is the breakfast one because it was free with a yearly membership- lol I got a membership and didn’t realise the book was a free pressie. Happy with that.
      I agree with Patreon. I would happily pay a monthly lot – for some added extras- how’s about some clothing which have their sayings on it. Like VELLOOUUUTEE or ‘Barry and Ben are the best of friends’ and so forth.
      Perhaps a dvd of behind the scenes and uncensored bits.

  3. Teemcv

    I watched the grape catching video! I liked it! 😀

    • Me too! I was cheering y’all on!

      • badinflspeaks

        I thought the trick shots were hysterical. Y’all looked like you were having so much fun.

    • Annie1962

      Yep same here.. love that vid as it’s a lot of fun.. Grape fun,

  4. CanIAddGlitter

    Is there any way to add in a tip/trick for common mistakes in cooking to either your videos or on here? It always amazes me to learn little things that one can do to make the entire process simpler.
    Also, am I the only one who enjoyed the grape video? I truly appreciate all your work and mindfulness you put into this Sorted life. Cheers to the new year!

  5. Samjpenrose

    Bring back comment of the week! Always used to live that segment on the videos and maybe it would work better on the podcast format?

  6. Esther

    I miss the Sorted musical parodies! Mike – cancel your plans for 2019 because this diss track needs to happen.

    Really glad that a downloadable podcast is in the works. Wondering if there will still be a video version though? I’d love to
    have both options available

  7. siemei_li@hotmail.com

    Aww was not expecting a podcast today – felt it was missing Ben & Jamie though, I loved the podcasts where you were all together! Looking forward to the new season and future developments in 2019! Happy New Year!

    • siemei_li@hotmail.com

      My favourite Sorted Moments: discovering the Little Viet Kitchen through the Supper Club – Thuy is my favourite chef (sorry guys) and her cookbook is so awesome. Also I loved the made personal videos at the beginning of the year and each time I get to open a box containing a new cookbook!

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