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S3 E4 – Watermelon Ban & Jellyfish Are Taking Over the World?!

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You know what? This podcast was actually going alright until it got to your guys’ questions. But now everyone’s scarred for life. Great. The normal(ish) things discussed in this podcast included a jellyfish epidemic, soup slurping illegality, and fishing off a camels back. Totally normal, see?

Best Soundbite: “My rule would be no pants in the studio” – Jamie Spafford


  1. Willowstaff

    I’m catching up on podcasts and that might be my favorite ever! Trouser-less dress code would totally increase eye contact!

  2. CaitlinDee

    Naked and cooking might be a bad idea but no pants seems reasonable. Just wear an apron when you fry something!

  3. Firewolf

    Hey Guys. This one gave me a serious case of giggles. I was very intrigued by Barry’s jellyfish topic {great job Barry} mostly because jellyfish have gotten to be a worse hazard on both east & west coasts of the U.S. On a trip to my brother’s home in California, I was stung by a huuuuuge Man o war jellyfish. The bastard just swirled around my thighs & wrapped up to my waist. The pain was intense! It took a number of life guards helping my brother to get it off me. Though a couple of guys cheerfully volunteered to pee on me – one looked suspiciously like R. Kelly – the head lifeguard had a large cooler full of tomato juice which lessened the pain significantly. As to the coming podcasts, where is James? Please bring him back on air.

  4. daisy

    Hey guys, love those podcasts!
    Is there any way you can make them available as a download? I always listen to them on my way to work but I don’t always have an internet connection.. 🙁

  5. siemei_li@hotmail.com

    So this is what happens when the ‘normals’ are left on their own…. hilarious! I just wish it wasn’t so short!

  6. Esther

    Hello. Esther Gee here. Just wanted to say that I’ve been having the best of weeks and to suddenly hear my name at 4:52 PM on a Friday – let’s just say that I needed it. Thanks guys.

  7. Wolfgirl81

    I really enjoyed this podcast, could tell you were hung over lol must have been a good night, but agree with the other comments so far, they are getting shorter.

    More of the guys with more fact/lies please!! James should be on it more too!

    Also i have a suggestion, when grilled pops up it to introduce the segment, how about changing it to a grill style stamp that appears, like a branding iron style design with a sizzle sound? suits both sound and video and doesn’t cover the talking, I know they are only introducing the segment, but it would link more with the food aspect and you could use the ‘Sorted’ font 🙂

  8. mcali0317

    Why was Ben not in this podcast? He was in the studio! It’s been since last season that we’ve seen them all together 🙁

  9. Steton

    Apart from the Donal special these podcasts are getting shorter and shorter 🙁

    • Sorted

      Sorry about that! They will be getting longer again but the guys may have potentially been a teeny tiny bit hungover for this episode 🙄

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