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S3 E6 – Lickable Wallpaper & How Nutritious Are Cornflake Boxes?!

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There’s a Willy Wonka theme to this weeks podcasts. How would you feel about licking wallpaper or chewing on everlasting gum? As fun as this all sounds, don’t worry – Jamie is here to bring the tone of the podcast down with talk of self pleasure. There’s always next week for an actual educational podcast, right?


Best Soundbite: “Talking about how I want this podcast to go…masterbation” – Ben Ebbrell


  1. danielahitstheroad

    How DO you submit a lie for future podcasts without the boys seeing it and therefore knowing it’s the lie? Is there a direct line to Nikki?

  2. LTJD

    So as a swede when Barry said And the Swedes do some crazy stuff I am just nodding along thinking lickable wallpaper does sound like something we would do.

  3. raptorwrecks

    Jaime reminds me of a terrible joke my grandfather played on my parents. He was a policeman and thought it would be HILARIOUS to teach me that that the pig says “stick em up”. My teacher the first day of kindergarten was VERY concerned and my grandfather got dragged in to explain himself. He was unrepentant. I’m continuing the tradition and trying to teach my nephew fingerguns to go with it.

  4. Esther

    Oh come on now Jamie. Mike’s delightful chocolate surprises were great! He put a lot of thought and effort into making them

  5. jeyscreations

    1. Guys, Ben used the word piezoelectric about a million times. This is not a term he would use regularly. How did that not tip you off?
    2. Animal testing (humane animal testing) is the reason life expectancy has increased as much as it has. It’s the only reason that drugs for diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, etc etc exist. For things like beauty products I understand your reservation, but for medications, it’s kind of the only option, at the moment.
    3. Jamie and Barry giggling while Ben is just talking out the cornflake masturbation theory is one of the funniest things I have ever watched.
    4. MICE EAT THEIR YOUNG ON RANDOM OCCASION! You have not lived until you’ve switched mouse cages and found a fat mother and a couple of random mouse heads.

    • ruba

      Seems like you’re a scientist? So am I! Can I ask what do you study?

      • jeyscreations

        Scientists unite! I’m a biochemist that sort of drifted into medical research. How about you?

  6. Steton

    This format needs to go back to having all 4 of you

  7. megannwalsh

    I almost submitted the Corn Flakes fact but I assumed it was basic knowledge; clearly not since it’s a bizarre thing to know. Fun fact: Graham crackers were created by minister Sylvester Graham for the very same reason. I believe Dr. Kellogg also had a “hospital” that was more along the line of a wellness retreat that promoted a bland diet and other lifestyles he believed were the healthiest.

  8. Powerfulweak

    Great episode! Gave me a great laugh. Oddly enough, Sylvester Graham invented the graham crackers also as a way of preventing… self love.

    Here’s a lie for a future podcast: if kept in a temperature controlled environment, Sour Cream cannot go bad. It is already soured and cannot turn further. If bacteria or other substances are introduced, mold may begin to grow, but it can simply be scooped away from the rest of the cream, which is still good to use.

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