Top Tips

Top Tips for Shopping on a Budget

Keep the costs down and the flavour up

Parting with your hard-earned cash is always difficult, especially when it comes to food. We all want to be getting the most bang for our buck! Here are our top tips for shopping on a budget and saving money where it counts. 

Part 1.

Plan Ahead

Smart meal planning is key to saving money on your groceries. With Meal Packs you’ll buy just a few fresh ingredients every week and use them across all the recipes – that way, you use up everything you buy and don’t splash the cash on anything you don’t need. It also means zero food waste!

    Part 2.

    Buy In Bulk

    Spending money on individual products and cooking adhoc meals always costs more than buying in bulk. The solution? Stock up on our carefully selected list of staples when you first start using the Meal Packs app and refill only when you need to. This’ll help keep the cost of your weekly food shop super low!

      Part 3.

      Stick to Your Shopping List

      Check off the ingredients you’ve already got on the in-app shopping list before heading out so you don’t double up on anything. Then copy the remaining items to your personal list and hit the shops. A smart, streamlined list means no more forgetting bits or ‘accidentally’ straying into the wrong aisle! 

      And if you want to get super organised, make a list of everything you’ve got in the fridge and freezer – that way you’ll never double up on bread or lose things at the back.


      Part 4.

      Cook From Scratch

      Ever find yourself reaching for those easy ready meals at the shops? It happens to the best of us. But cooking fresh meals from scratch costs a fraction of the price and is just as tasty! You’ve also got control over what you add to your dish, making it that little bit healthier without any compromise on flavour.

        Part 5.

        Shop to Your Own Budget

        The Meal Packs app is designed to work with your budget, not against it! We won’t send you a pricy box of ingredients for each Meal Pack – you do the shopping and choose how much you want to spend on it. Grab a bargain on your groceries at the local market or buy in bulk to nail those extra savings.