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I get my love of cooking and the outdoors from my dad who taught me to garden, hunt, and fish. Dancer and am about to move to Ireland for Veterinary School!
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Ayam Pelalah in Bali, Indonesia. This dish was spiced chicken that had been roasted for over a day and tasted like nothing I had eaten before. The closest thing I could compare it to would be eating incense. My family and I had supper at the home of our friend and local in Bali, and it was not only the best meal I had ever had, but some of the best company and conversation I have been blessed to experience. We sat on the floor on a raised platform outdoors, the sound of chickens, cars, and chattering people coming from just over the wall. The first thing that was served was black rice pudding that was nutty and sickeningly sweet, but very delicious. Then out came the giant basket of white rice I could barely lift, green beans so spicy it was hard to take more than one bite, and at last a large blackened packet of tinfoil. When our friend cut open the tinfoil, steam escaped and the most amazing smell wafted over us, curling up in spirals through the night air. A layer of leaves lay beneath the tinfoil, serving to keep the chicken moist while adding to the flavor. Two chickens with the feet still on were inside the leaves, their meat stained red and dotted with spices. The moment my dad went to carve a bird almost all the meat fell away from the bones. We ate with our hands, talking and laughing. Eating this chicken was like a flavor explosion. The variety and intensity of spices filled my whole mouth and traveled through my airways, so it felt like I was exhaling cologne with every breath. This was a night I will never forget. I highly recommend Bali to anyone wanting a eating destination where there is less of a danger of increasing bodily mass. I loved the trip! My family and I also tried luwak poop coffee, rosella tea, mangosteen tea, mie and nasi goreng and brought back all the teas, a few packets of the "cat poop" coffee as gifts, and recipes willingly shared with us by the friendly locals we befriended along the way.
I love Indian food and we have a great restaurant here in Sioux Falls called Shahi Palace
I tried to make beef wellington for my family and it was taking awhile to cook through. My mom decided to pop the whole thing in the microwave because she was hungry, and effectively ruined hours of work.