We’re starting work on our next book and it’s a biggie. We’re looking for your bucket list dishes… the one dish that you’ve eaten, cooked or experienced that you want to share with the whole world because you really feel that everyone should try it once in their life.

It could be the best thing you’ve ever tasted or it could be the simplest thing made special by where you ate it or who you shared it with. You could have cooked it or just eaten it somewhere once and never forgotton.

If you have a dish in mind that has an amazing personal story attached to it then we want to hear it! We’ll recreate it and it COULD EVEN FEATURE IN THE BOOK!!!

We’ve created the questionnaire below which’ll help us grasp the main facts. When answering the questions try to talk around them and embellish. If there’s something you want to talk about but we haven’t asked…go ahead! There’s a box at the end for extra info.

We want to hear the whole story with all the details. We want to hear how the dish makes you feel when you eat it and everything that makes it special.

At this point, there’s no need to include the full recipe. If we need it, or more information, we’ll be getting in touch to work with you to bring it to life 🙂

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  1. Nah651

    Well, I just found the forum, this looks interesting.

  2. lapuli

    omg I just calculated and it’s actually been 7 years since I last re-created that meal!

    holy moly I’m getting old.

  3. cathy926

    Hi – just a small question regarding forums in general. I don’t check the forum too frequently but I’d love to stay up-to-date with it so I don’t miss out on posts like this! Is there any way we can subscribe to getting notified by email whenever you guys make a new forum post? Thanks! 🙂

    • Sorted

      There isn’t as of yet but it’s definitely something we want to look in to doing! For now, keep an eye on our social media and subscribe to our newsletter as we generally mention forum posts there!!

      • SallieTheCat

        Isn’t there a way you guys could add so we could get notifications on new things on the website comes up like other sites do through Chrome like for example twitter do?

  4. SBaudtler

    Is there any chance of a confirmation e-mail (or just a small “received” message right here on the home page) when you sublimt a recipe idea?

    It’s a bit frustrating not knowing whether the novel I just typed up made it through. :’D

    • Sorted

      Hey hey! We’ve got your submission don’t worry – sounds delish too!!

      • SBaudtler

        Phew… Cheers! Submissions just disappear, so it had me a little worried :’D

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