Product Guide

What Is a Meal Pack?

Your guide to the only app you’ll ever need!

Part 1.

What Is a Meal Pack?

  • Every Meal Pack is made up of 3-5 delicious recipes, written by chefs and tested by normals. 
  • You’ll get a credit for one Meal Pack every week. A new menu is released every Thursday at midnight GMT – just pick your favourite Meal Pack and get going! 
  • With both Meat + Fish and Vegetarian options every week, you’re in charge of what you cook. Then it’s time to grab your ingredients…

Part 2.

Hit the Shops

  • Each Meal Pack smartly combines ingredients across its recipes. You’ll use the same ingredients across several meals, making every single one cheaper and reducing your food waste too.
  • The easy-to-follow Checklist means you can tick off the ingredients you’ve already got and buy the rest in a way that suits you. View your ingredients by both recipe and by Meal Pack, so you know what you can swap and where. 
  • There’s also a handy list of all the equipment needed for each Meal Pack – no more scrambling for pots and pans mid-cook!

Part 3.

Make It Your Own

  • Tailor your selected Meal Pack to your liking – change the number of servings and choose whether you want your measurements in metric or imperial. 
  • Put a fresh spin on our recipes by exploring the recommended ‘twists’ from other Meal Packs users. They’ll give you new ideas on what to add or substitute within a recipe.