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How Sorted Works – Grilled

How Sorted Works – Grilled

Expect a lot of transparency as well as the usual top bants as you discover how much truth is behind our videos and if Jamie’s really that annoying. Spoiler – he is.

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A 'Fabulous' Sorted supper club

29th September |  7 - 10.30pm | Clerkenwell, London

Fabulous 698b first popped up on our radar when we were on the hunt for a fun foodie experience for the team here at Sorted. When we visited last year, we were overwhelmed by their passion, as well as their incredible skill to not only cook and host, but to entertain with food.

You really feel like a group of friends and family around their table and we can't wait for you guys to have the same experience and share it with us. Join us at the table for the first ever "fabulous sorted" meal - we promise, you'll never forget it!

"We are two passionate professionals on a journey to set up our own restaurant of gastronomical adventures that are full of surprises.  For this evening, we are creating a special course where we've taken inspiration from Sorted. Whether you're a group of friends, a couple, or you come along on your own, there is fun for everyone!" Maja & Guillaume

£50 4 courses + amuse-bouches + 1 cocktail


Emilia's Pasta Night

EVENT IS OVER | Sittings between 5-10pm | St Katharine Docks, London

We found Emilia's when on the hunt for London's best pasta and wow, they've got it all; hand crafted pasta matched with seasonal ingredients, cooked in an intimate, bustling setting. We were blown away by the energy of the place and the quality of the food. It's quickly become one of our favourite local haunts.

Now, we want to share that same experience with you. Join us at the table on the 17th for an intimate evening of pasta and laughs! It's going to be awesome.

“ Team Emilia's are excited to welcome Sorted members to our little slice of Italy at St Kat Docks. For this event we'll be giving you the opportunity to choose off-menu dishes and there'll be a few surprises in store... ” Andrew, Owner.

£30 3 courses + 1 drink

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Restaurant Recommendations!

Do you guys know of any awesome, independent restaurants in London?? We’re working on some exciting things so let us know if there’s anywhere you guys think we should check out!

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What Food’s On YOUR Bucket List?

We’re starting work on our next book and it’s a biggie. We’re looking for your bucket list dishes… the one dish that you’ve eaten, cooked or experienced that you want to share with the whole world because you really feel that everyone should try it once in their life.

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