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Lost Boys Pizza Feast

12th November |  7pm - 9pm or 8pm - 10pm | Highgate, London

A Vampire themed Pizzeria, a soundtrack from the 80s and a menu made up of charcoal dough & killer treats. They say that their pizza is the lightest and crispiest you'll ever have in London and we're chuffed to have finally found a pizza place that doesn't leave you feeling bloated - because you all know we can't get enough pizza here at Sorted.

Alex & Pete have a long standing friendship that we can really resonate with and they're SO passionate about what they do. We can't wait for you to meet them for what'll be the craziest pizza night of all time. 

"We bonded over a love of wrestling, comics, 80s movies and of course - Pizza. We met 20 years ago when we both worked at TGI Fridays and last year we managed to band together and open up a really fun and unique Pizzeria. We offer a place for people to come hang out, eat pizza and have a good time - we're a bit crazy, but there's nothing wrong in that, right?!" Alex & Pete, Founders of Lost Boys Pizza

£40  3 courses + 1 cocktail + 1 drink

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