Episode 4 – Tap water lowers your sex drive?!

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OMG guys it’s episode 4 – aka the one where we all happen to talk about cheese without even planning to do that. Accidental theming is our favourite thing.

Best Soundbite: “You can have a Cauliflower Steak, but why would you?” – Jamie Spafford


  1. dottleddolly

    There are chickens on the isle of man but they are used for egg production only and meat is not farmed from them.

  2. Carotte

    As a soon to be midwife, where oxytocin is the key element of everything (period, orgasm, getting pregnant, pregnancy and especially birth and uterus) I would have been absolutly baffled if the oxytocin in the tab water could actually have an effect on us and our bodies. I might have believed it, if it would only apply to men. Because during your monthly cycle there is already so much going on that can totally affect your libido, that the teeny-tiny amount of oxitocin in the water would be just like one chicken out of the 50 billions in the world 🤣

  3. Sarah Johnstone

    My dad has chickens and at one point 10 border collies. The collies are scared of the chickens because the chickens would attack the dogs to steal their food! So in conclusion chickens are evil

  4. Mimo

    Mike’s comment about chickens massing together and egging our houses actually sparked a hilarious discussion between my partner and I about a chicken uprising and how terrifying that would be.

  5. neogio_99

    cheese experts -> cheese mongers
    cheese thieves -> cheese burglar. 🙂

  6. fb6_marcin

    Little late, but drinking too much water doesn’t drown you, but actually get poisoned. Too much water causes a sodium imbalance in the body and can actually kill you poisoning.

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