How Sorted Works – GRILLED

Most of our viewers probs know us best for our YouTube channel but over the last couple of years, Sorted has been growing internally as a business as well. Behind the scenes of Sorted, each of the four founding guys have some kind of ‘specialities’ within the wider team (we use the term loosely so they don’t get too big headed)

You guys really love ‘Grilled’ and we thought we could take it a step further and tell you exactly what goes on in a given day at the Sorted studio. Expect a lot of transparency as well as the usual top bants as you discover how much truth is behind our videos and if Jamie’s really that annoying. Spoiler – he is.


“It’s difficult trying to tell someone ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t answer your important email…I had to go and dance like Sia for half a day.’”


“This wasn’t him being a bit of a d***…it was just a prank”

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“You gave me a compliment about six months ago and I still haven’t gotten over it”

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“As a team, we’ve got to make two videos a week, every week…until the end of time”

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  1. danielahitstheroad

    New to the club and catching up on all the content on offer. Currently I’m feeling like a child in a Sweets Shop, a bit overwhelmed and spoiled for choice, but LOVING it.

  2. AmyTaggartXO

    I know I’m late to the party with these Podcasts but honestly all of these candid interview-style podcasts are incredible. When Barry spoke about creating a brand that affects more than just the 15 people within a company, I felt a real connection. I have been a subscriber of your channel since 2013 & I have, regardless of YouTube trends, always gravitated to your videos. Yes, theure educational and entertaining but also, they create a true connection to food while creating some of the most beautiful filmmaking (Particularly the Game Changer series) I’ve watched. Keep it going guys because yous have created a legacy and I have no doubt that yous will continue to do so, in the years to come. X

  3. Evelinaalblasskogum

    I love the fact that this gone from Mike interviewing sorted to Jamie sort of shares his opinion on everything! We love you Jamie 🤩


    Gentlemen, Sorted team, I am genuinely impressed by all you have accomplished. I am thankful to get this look inside your roles and the sorted family because, I have wondered. I picked up on your friendship and the over-arching love of food, but finding out your brilliance in each of your individual areas are truly great. Thank you for this. I appreciate this ‘company/business/family’ thank you.

  5. Steton

    Had the thought that if ever Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer leave Sunday Brunch the Sorted team would be the perfect replacements. Then I heard Ben’s Channel 4 story

  6. Is there going to be a grilled episode about what James does as we know he is the development chef but it would be nice to hear about what that means day to day as it must change depending on the content (type of video or book recipes). By the way I love this series, it’s excellent to hear how sorted is ran and it’s easy to listen to on the bus on the way to uni

    • magnu75988

      Yes I agree!! Would love to have one of these for James! Would also love to see him more in videos 🙂

    • Firewolf

      I totally agree about hearing more about James. More of James in podcasts, in videos & definitely more of his skills and goals. I’m doing his bread workshop now & I wish there was more of it because he really is brilliant. Videos of him showing and explaining how to make different breads would be great. I’d love to see his take – Sorted’s take – on traditional Scottish foods and how to kick them up a bit.

  7. AngelosNt

    I’m really enjoying hearing you guys talk about yourselves and your work – thanks for sharing. The five of you are really talented in such different and yet completely complementary ways, and I think this is part of the secret of your success. The other part is how intelligent and eloquent you are, something which really strikes me in the podcasts. Please don’t leave Mike and James just doing behind the scenes roles as they’re both amazing in the videos!

  8. Esther

    This series has helped me to appreciate everything that the Sorted team does even more than before. I’ve always kind of known that Barry’s the creative force behind a lot what goes on at Sorted but not to the extent that was shared in the podcast. Looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next!

  9. sophiefrance

    Super interesting! I’ve been following you for years and seen how you’ve evolved. Understanding what goes behind the scenes, how you think about business, about future developments, growth, as well as details on how to be on camera (thinking about Ben’s ability to focus on what matters) gives even more depth to what you do! Thank you for this, it’s a delight to listen to.

  10. Blondie62988

    Love this series, thanks for giving us a peak into the behind the scenes with you guys! And definitely keep those post-work beers flowing 😉

  11. lmeacco

    Given that Barry is the person to “Get things started” (his words), I’d like to see him as the first person in a Pass It On and see what happens!!

  12. AimeeAwhina

    This is such an enjoyable series. You guys are being SO honest and it’s endearing. Felt all warm and fuzzy listening to Barry’s episode especially! Good job y’all!

  13. Not sure of the timeline but enjoying.. thanks guys xx

  14. Kwebster

    I love you guys! I’m in U.S. I’m just really figuring out how to listen to this pod. It doesn’t go to my podcast App. Think I can listen in the car on my commute. Thank you for making my day

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