Fry Bread

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  1. Firewolf

    This frybread is an Ojibwe tribal recipe (part of the Sioux nation of 7 tribes). I’m Navajo Indian & though our ingredients are similar, every tribal nation has its own way to make frybread. My Shima Sani (Granny) would freak out if my frybread was hard & crunchy or if I used a rolling pin. Our way to work the dough is to pinch off little balls, flatten them into a disk with our fingers, then slap them back & forth from one hand to the other til you have a roughly 6″ to 8″ thin disk off dough. It doesn’t have to be perfectly round but you HAVE to poke a small hole in the middle before you fry it in the lard. I usually fry for around 2 – 3 minutes on each side til it’s golden & firm, but light & chewy. You should be able to easily bite into it.

    We usually serve it either with savory meals or sweet. My peeps serve it with lamb stew (plenty of sage, & pine nuts) or Navajo chili. For dessert, some Natives just shake icing sugar over it, but my family really doesn’t like that. We make a type of fruit pudding/compote called Wojapi. (Woe-jah’pee). You can use really any fruit but I really love peach the best. Don’t use canned fruit. Dice up fresh fruit & cook with a little bit of simple syrup (equal parts sugar & water) & add just a touch of cornflour to thicken it up to a firm jam consistency. Wojapi is much healthier than just icing sugar & a million times more delicious.

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