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S6 E7 –There are more opportunities in the food industry that you think

The opportunities in food industry are endless, with careers and jobs available in areas you probably haven’t even thought of. Mike, James and Barry dive deep in this episode and touch the surface of the industry; exploring the different ways you can get started.

Best soundbite: “We didn’t choose this route. The route chose us. It’s very much the thug life.” – Mike Huttlestone

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  1. charlotte599428

    Speaking as someone who works in the photography industry as a retoucher I hope I can shine a light on what seems at first like an extortionate day rate..

    I recently worked on two advertising images for a well known stock cube brand. To the eye they were extremely simple pictures but I spend 3-4 days working on these files as they go through rounds of feedback and changes for instance, images have to be approved by photographer, advertising agencies and the over-arching client, so there can be a lot of debate on the smallest details, for instance, what shade of blue the soup bowl should be?

    For a job like this, my client, the photographer, would have had to send a budget to his client, the ad agency, for their client, the brand, to approve the costs. In the photographers day rate, he or she would have to include their fee, my retouching fee, their assistant fee, plus any lighting or kit hire.

    On top of this, while the rate is high, photographers usually aren’t working every day of the week. My fiancé is one of so so many fashion photographers in London and his day rate is very high, but he has worked 4 days this year, because the competition is so high.

  2. Lmrocha726

    I agree with Anita that just about anything, or any passion, can be turned into an opportunity these days, though there may be some trade-off or compromise to balance doing exactly what you love and earning a fair income. I had a similar experience to James in college – I was a Geology/Earth science major, then took up running and it turned my whole world upside down. I started to look into career options that would allow running and fitness to be more than just my hobby on the side, which lead me to switch majors to Kinesiology, and ultimately lead to a job as a researcher at a tech company devoted to exercise and wellness. I know I got lucky with my job, but I also know that new life experiences could totally alter what I think is important or what my passion is, and I hope I have the courage to change course appropriately if/when that time comes. And of course, there is room for many passions in life, so it is great when one of those passions can earn you enough of a living to not only get by, but also experience and develop the other passions.

    Anyway, that was more of a personal moment of reflection than a comment…but great podcast!

    P.S. I’d be totally into a podcast-length interview of James.

  3. Anita

    Cheesiness alert! I do believe that there are as many opportunities as answers to the question: what does food mean to you? A visually pleasing work-of-art, fuel for getting ripped, medicine to feel better, help provided to the less fortunate, a way of bonding with friends and family, a creative outlet, something to show off, a reward at the end of a tough day. I’m sure that in this day and age literally anything can be turned into an opportunity, like-minded individuals can connect and even the tiniest niches can provide you with a living. We just have to adopt the right mindset, which is, of course, easier said than done…

  4. Annie1962

    ‘wa gonna say he sucked me’
    James speaking of the God Ben Ebbrell.

  5. Annie1962

    What qualifications if any does someone need. If any to produce food in a food truck?
    They’re getting pretty darn popular.
    On a side note.. Do you think they will threaten the future existence of brick & mortar restaurants?

    • Nettan_Juni

      Honestly I don’t think so, I don’t really have food trucks nearby, but they ones I have seen are more for a quick meal while brick and mortar restaurants are better to sit down and enjoy a meal with friends, so they’re more social than the food trucks.

      But then again, I live in Sweden and we can get snow as early as late October and we even had snowfall in May! I live in the southern part of Sweden, so I don’t want to think how it is in Lappland.
      So there’s a period of 6 months where having a food truck is not a great idea. I do however think that both kinds has a place, since they fill two different needs.

  6. Nettan_Juni

    That shrine for Ben better exist or I’ll be very disappointed 😛

    I got an answer to a question I’ve had for a while, how James got onto the team, since there were no obvious connection between him and the rest of the guys, except for going to the same uni as Ben, but not the same year. James must have been really good then to be recommended, maybe he’ll get his own shrine next to Ben’s? 😉

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