Season 10 Episode 2

Can Anyone Write a Cookbook?

Today we chat about something extremely familiar to us… the good old cookbook! We make ’em three times a year here for the club and have done it all on our own, but as time goes by we see more and more food books crop up from unexpected authors. This begs the question should anyone write a cookbook? We reminisce about the first-ever book we created and discuss the route of self-publishing, we chat about what people get out of owning and writing a cookbook and finally, we hear from a couple of fellow chefs on their cookbook experiences. Have you come across any bizarre or absolutely fantastic foodie reads? Comment below so we can hear all about them!

Best soundbite: “He could equally write a book on how to play tennis and he’d be equally qualified to do that” – James Currie

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Something to make you think...

There are more and more cookbooks where you see non-chefs or even celebrities without a food background publishing content. There is a common use of ghost writers in this but should anyone really be denied the right to write a cookbook? Does the use of a familiar celebrity name help people who aren’t interested in cooking, to give it a go?

What would you like to feast your ears on?
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  1. RSJonker

    I just thought of two maybe topics for Sorted cook books… one with Tyrones fav recipies (food for kids) and Benuendo’s ; a book with recipies based around Ben’s love for food and his love for kinky-ing it up (kind of like 50 shades of chicken)

  2. Rikuke

    Hi guys.
    A cookbook i would love to see from you is about bread. How to make different types, some basics you can play around with yourself and what to do with leftovers. You have made severel different things in the past, but it would be nice with a book that had it all 🙂

  3. Chazz Vegas

    One thing I’d love to see from you guys for a cookbook is your take on a country’s cuisine in one book based on your travels. For example a Sorted Eats: America or Sorted Eats: Japan. I would 1000% buy an American one based on all the epic places in the States you’ve been to and drawn experience from.

    I’ve used the books app for a while but I just picked up the physical copy of To The Beat and I love it. The photography is on point!

  4. KateJen86

    I love my cookbooks. I have so many and love to page through them for inspiration. For me a cookbook must have photos. ❤️
    The sorted books are great and I appreciate that we have access from the books app.

    • Sorted

      You’re right, photos are a huge part of a cookbook, for providing inspiration, but also for getting the mouth watering. We’re glad you love the Sorted Books and the app! Thanks for listening!

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