Season 11 Episode 6

Do You Agree With These Controversial Food Opinions? Part 2

Following the success of our last episode on controversial food opinions, we thought we’d head back to dig up some more! Today we get deep into important discussions about what makes a pie a pie, and whether we should all be eating more offal. We talk about some of those ingredients that seem to divide people: do raisins ruin everything? Are olives only for real adults? We’ve also got some cracking opinions from the guys, and a surprising confession from Mike… no cupcake wrapper is safe! Do you agree with these opinions? Do you have any others that you are burning to share? And what do you make of Ebbers’ ideas?! Comment below!
Best soundbite: “We’re all there, happily barbequing our own tongue” – Barry Taylor

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Something to make you think...

We’ve discussed all kinds of controversial opinions, but Ebbers has kindly left us with something to really think about: do you agree that fast food chains should contribute a percentage of their profits to public health funding?

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  1. t.hdgsn

    im so glad im not the only one to eat the cupcake wrapper sometimes, ive had some proper dodgy looks for it

  2. Porochaz

    Controversial food opinion- people only like the smell of bacon not the taste. The smell makes you hungry and craving it, take that away and you’ve got a rubbery thin salty bit of skin.

  3. mercury151

    For me cilantro does not taste like soap, but I still do not like it that much. Since it is used in many of your meal packs: is there a herb one can easily replace it with in most recipes?

    • Sorted

      You can either leave it out, or use basil or parsley, or even a mixture of herbs. Best to use your own judgement of which herb will suit which dish best in terms of flavour profile 🙂

  4. theanita1

    You guys are just having the wrong kinds of frosting!

    I don’t like overly sweet things at all, and so am always reducing the amount of sugar in my frostings etc. My most recent trick for frosting, when doing a lemon or other cake that wants a tangy frosting, is to use Labneh and stir in icing sugar until the desired sweetness.

    I do agree that sometimes they pile the icing too high, definitely unnecessary.

    • Sorted

      Maybe we should experiment with frosting more 🙂

  5. Annie1962

    1 -” its ok to have a well done steak “- Baz would agree (YES) Jamie will kill you and so will Mike, Ebbers would give you a long answer but end up with no (I was right!) my opinion… the cow’s already dead. Don’t kill it again by overcooking. ooo James said that.. yeah can dig it.

    2 – “Just because a dish is traditional doesn’t mean it’s good’ – That sounds like Mike would say that. I think you would all agree I mean Gordon Ramsay was given unwashed monkey anus. That’s traditional. He got sick. Hence he would agree with that statement. James said that? I was wrong.

    3 – ‘A pie that is just a pastry lid is not a pie’ – hmmmm I don’t think it is. I think it has to be ENCASED

    • Annie1962

      I wish we could format these more reliable because I didn’t finish what I was saying…. Agree with others that cottage pie, Sheperd’s pie etc… aren’t pies! A saussie roll isn’t fully encased in pastry so is NOT a pie. So there.. 😉

      4 – ‘Offal is tasty and under utilised. YES YES YES… high source of iron.. and reduces wastage of the animal killed. I recently crumbed and deep fried little hearts of some animal and it was delicious! Also thinly sliced liver, coated in flour and quickly fried in oil (about thirty seconds) the texture isn’t floury and more like pasta with an al dente texture- great source of iron. People who poo poo organs are scaredy cats. You English men love to eat steak and kidney pies, no?

      5 – ‘It is not rude to add salt and/or pepper on the table. I don’t think it is. I do recall getting ‘looks’ from a host who made a variety of Indian dishes – they were beautiful in flavour but had absolutely NO seasoning whatsoever. I added so much salt and my boyfriend gave me ‘don’t!’ looks whilst the host /chef looked on in surprise. I think it’s ok as we all do really

      6- ‘going to culinary school doesn’t automatically make you a chef’. – I sorta agree because you can wing your way through cheffy school and not learn all the skills BUT you can learn from childhood about cooking etc and be as good as a qualified chef who did cheffy school properly (like Ebbers) . Seen the movie ‘The Hundred Foot Journey’? That’s an example.

      Cupcakes are shit. The dry unwelcome annoying younger step cousin of a cake Plus you can’t eat them without getting ICING ON YOUR NOSE. OMG Mike I’ve eaten the wrapper too! Too much cake on it? Sod it, eat the wrapper. I can’t chew gum too, as I swallow it.. so I don’t eat it.

      Icing is shit unless it’s got some flavour in it. Just plain icing is shit
      Raisinz rool. The sultana’s sweeter big brother
      I used to hate olives… now I love them. As a kid I hated them.. as an adult I love them. Ben you are correct. Mike, make that video. 40 olives each. Reward is chicken nuggies
      Coriander is yuk. Genetically I am one of those hate it. Doesn’t taste like soap to me but is pure evil. I am Dutch born with Dutch, Indonesian and Indian genes, go figure
      Here’s a delicate one for you.. there is a small portion of men and women who genetically lack an enzyme when digesting fish, which ends up making their urine reek of fish.

      Here’s one for you… almond essence and marzipan are pure evil. ugh – when I see you use it in your cooking guys.. I cringe lol

      • Sorted

        We’re totally loving all your different food opinions, don’t hold back 😂 say it how it is, we love that and exactly what the comment section is about – thanks Annie!!! 👏 🙌

  6. ChildOfStorm

    If the geographical distribution of the cilantro-gene is actually true – which is quite beliveable – than it would be another example for genetic adaptation in humans. Lactose tolerance is another; “normally” we would turn intolerant to lactose after our childhood. It changed only because of the enormous use of dairy since the neolithicum – especially in europe. We adapted to the higher consumtion of milk. Big parts of asia did not and even today they are more likely to be lactose intolerant. One of the first examples we learn in palaeoanthropology ^^

  7. alm477

    As someone who is genuinely grossed out by the texture/appearance of a steak that is not well done, it’s nice to not be told that I’m an Abomination of Bad Taste 🙂 There is also a wide difference between a steakhouse that can get a steak not-pink inside but also not have shoe leather texture and a someone cooking a steak at home with far less skill (and often poorer quality meat). My controversial opinion, if you are a chef and you cannot cook a steak well done without it becoming leathery, you are not that good of a chef. (I acknowledge that there are chefs who avoid cooking with meat and I leave them out of this opinion).

    There are definitely traditional foods for my culture that I don’t like–Pennsylvanian Dutch chicken and waffles (waffles smothered with chicken gravy and roasted/boiled chicken meat) for instance. A lot of people here (including my family) loves it, but I can’t stand it…

    Just to add fuel to the pie fire (??), pizza is often referred to as a pie in the US.

    I grew up in a household where many people have hypertension so we usually didn’t cook with salt and almost all salt was added at the table to your preference/need.

    I like cupcakes–they are a nice easy portion of cake made for easing sharing with people. Also, you don’t *have to* pile frosting on cupcakes–that makes them prettier and more photogenic, but when making them at home I usually don’t pipe frosting on (unless feeling very fancy) I just spread a little on top like frosting a cake. You can also do some cute decorating options that way that you can’t do with a pile of frosting.

    I’m not a huge fan of raisins, but I love cinnamon-raisin bread/bagels. Generally I’d rather have the grapes, though.

    I LOVE black olives, the kind that come in a can–adored them since I was a little kid (a great aunt once gave me a can of them as a part of a Easter present). But I dislike any other variety, at least eaten plain, because I find them too bitter.

    I’m not sure I have the gene for Coriander-soap-flavor, but I do find coriander/cilantro intensely unpleasant. A little, well hidden in a dish, is tolerable, but I don’t like to cook with it because I find the smell so unpleasant (and it sticks to the hands and won’t easily wash off).

    Using a tax on fast-food as a potential funding stream for health programs/initiatives is not a bad way to generate needed funds. Making sure that the people/companies who own those chains/franchises actually pay their taxes helps too. Of course, it also depends on how you use that money once generated. A good funding stream for bad policy/programming is not all that helpful and can make a bad situation worse.

    • Sorted

      Thanks for your food opinions, we’ve loved reading them and we think you right regarding a chef and a well cooked steak. It is possible to cook steak well done and for it to be tender 😁

  8. tjmarskbb

    I actually eat cupcakes with fork…….but I eat them rarely because I agree that its WAYYY too much frosting and diabetes is a real thing.

  9. szarkz

    I feel compelled to defend the cupcake, and in a way that I think has a special resonance for a platform largely focused on getting folks to cook at home: The only good cupcakes are homemade cupcakes!!! Stores and bakeries (even cupcake-focused bakeries) all have to consider three things that can both make cupcakes awful: transport, storage, and instagram aesthetics. Good homemade cupcakes are tender and have soft frosting, which can never survive being put into a box and taken on a rush hour train, while most bakeries sell cupcakes as takeaway. Good homemade cupcakes should never be refrigerated, and most bakeries and stores keep them chilled for longevity, which dries out the cake and makes the frosting all hard. On the aesthetic front, purchased cupcakes sell because of visual appeal associated with the cupcake emoji and other cultural associations. That massive swirl of frosting is ubiquitous because of the way it looks, not because it’s good to eat.
    To counter a few other objections, cupcakes only stick to the paper when they’re made with a lean sponge, which isn’t ideal. A richer sponge with egg yolks and oil (like American yellow cake) doesn’t stick. As far as the flavorless frosting goes, that’s easy to remedy at home, too. My favorite is dark chocolate ganache whipped with crème fraîche or cream cheese and plenty of salt. But yeah, the frostings that are just shortening whipped with powdered sugar are disappointing. But the biggest thing we can counter with a homemade cupcake is the frosting to cake ratio. I think it’s awesome to coat the tops with a decent amount of frosting, and then serve them with a bowl of frosting for the table in case anybody wants more. And yes, the sandwich method is the way to go!
    And one more reason why cupcakes are great is that you don’t have to share your cupcake. Your cupcake is your cupcake, so there’s no fighting between siblings about who gets the bigger slice. Sometimes it’s nice to have something that’s just for you, you know?

    • alm477

      I love and agree with your cupcake opinions. Also, that frosting you make sounds amazing. Bad frosting can ruin any good cake–I’ve had some bad frostings including a grocery store near me that frosts cakes with something that has the texture of shaving cream and the flavor of Styrofoam.

    • Sorted

      You’re totally right, the frosting is always hard due to those 3 factors. Maybe that’s what Barry has been missing out on? Some homemade cakes with soft frosting!

      Thank you for sharing, we found it really interesting to read.

  10. Sunanda_K

    Raisins are lovely. Olives are lovely (I’ve loved them since I was a kid too, high 5, Austin!) Don’t care about the semantics of pie. As far as I know, the coriander-tastes-like-soap-gene is real. I have to agree with James about the traditional food, though. There are several things in my own culture and in other cultures that I can appreciate the cultural significance of, but will never taste good to me. Anything with okra tastes slimy and horrible and people can brag about cooking it well as much as you like, it’s not going to taste good to me. Agree with Barry on the cupcakes (just… give me a slice of actual cake).

    As for Ben’s closing note: I think charities are an inadequate answer to most problems. Instead of asking fast food chains to donate to health food, there should be systems in place to mitigate food deserts and perhaps checks in place to ensure that even fast food has to meet some nutritional standards.

    • Sorted

      We totally agree with your last point – thank you for sharing!

  11. Powerfulweak

    As much as I like cupcakes, I absolutely agree with all of Barry’s cupcake points. I make the “cupcake sandwich” where I tear the bottom off of the cupcake and then put it on top of the frosting (does that make it a pie??)

    I feel like my most controversial opinion is that American BBQ is not good. As an American living in the south, I’m looked at like I’m nuts when I say I detest BBQ, but I find the smoke and fat flavors cloying and the meat never tastes as good as it smells. I never enjoy BBQ when I have to eat it.
    Yes, even smoked brisket. Sorry, Jamie.

    • Sorted

      Smoked Brisket – wow 😱

      We seriously need to try this cupcake sandwich method that everyone is raving about! It could be the way forward for Barry!

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