Season 11 Episode 8

Dining Out: Why Do We Love It So Much, and How Will It Change Post-Covid?

Dining out is one of the greatest joys in life, but why do we love it so much? Today we’re talking about what makes eating out so special, including but not limited to your blissful ignorance of how much butter is in your food! We get excited about returning to restaurants post-lockdown, and think about how so many of them are adapting to the new normal. How will dining out change in the future? Where might Covid take us? And how can we support struggling restaurants? Comment below and inspire us!


Best soundbite: “Salt and butter. That is why that tastes so good” – Jamie Spafford

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Something to make you think...

Restaurants have responded amazingly quickly to the crisis and lots of them have diversified their menus as a result – Noma is even serving burgers! How do you think this will change the restaurant experience? Are you interested in trying new things?

What We Read Ahead of This

China offers insight into what restaurants could look like post-COVID

Momofuku Health & Safety Guidelines

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  1. theanita1

    when I first joined Sorted you guys were doing supper clubs, but I never managed to get to one of them.

    I think supper clubs could be a great way to support business also – small groups of people meeting up at a restaurant (safely of course). Also a great way to meet new people. Wouldn’t just have be in London, could be in any of the cities there’s a group of sorted members… (although I doubt there’s many of us in Beirut however the food scene here is AMAZING).

    • theanita1

      If eating out at a restaurant isn’t possible, could also do supper clubs with take away…

  2. Taheera

    I have a friend who launched her own online cookie business during COVID (@vagaboncookiesto on Instagram). They are amazing, and I don’t think she would have had the time to do so if she hadn’t been forced into the situation that we all have been in: she started off just experimenting in the kitchen, realized that she loved creating unusual flavors, and started a small business from it, which I think is so cool.

    I think hopefully, like many things that got “taken away” during lockdown, that we will see dining out as the occasion it should be: something to sit down and enjoy, rather than rush through. I wonder if there are ways that those who aren’t comfortable yet with dining out or getting take out, for whatever reason, if there are ways that they could support local restaurants? Maybe something as simple as buying vouchers for another person’s birthday?

    • Sorted

      Definitely – vouchers for a friend, or to keep for a later date, restaurants and pubs really need our support!

      That’s awesome about your friend, so many little businesses have been created off the back of a dire situation.

  3. Sunanda_K

    Agree with Annie : so many things simply *cannot* be replicated at home. Also love taking the time off to just talk to friends without worrying about the food.
    Post covid, I do hope that the slightly more aggressive cleanliness standards stick around. I don’t mind masking up one bit, I don’t ind if that stays.
    Trying to make sure that I get take away from smaller local businesses, not global chains.

    • Sorted

      Really good point there, it certainly is the little independents that need our help more than ever. The higher hygiene standards are always a welcomed bonus.

  4. Annie1962

    Easy – I love dining out because the restaurant dishes are always better and can NEVER be replicated at home.. sitting down with friends, reading the menu in anticipation of selecting your meal.. so much fun.. then being served a meal without cooking any bit of it..

    We’re kinda in post covid here in Western Australia (but I hear rumours of maybe a second wave) and we can now eat in restaurants etc.. and I guess at the moment more people are eating at restaurants because we missed it!
    Give it a few more months and I think things will go back to the pre Covid state , hoping that restaurants which didn’t innovate during Covid survive the quiet times,
    During Covid – our local restaurants made our food, packed it up and either delivered it.. or we hopped in the car and picked it up.

    • Sorted

      Exactly – you can’t beat the experience of eating out! There is just nothing like it. We hope the all the restaurants survive too, it’s such a tough gig!

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