About Sorted

exploring new things in food

Welcome to Sorted. A global members club with an appetite for exploring the most incredible food experiences on the planet. Join the food journey on screen across our social media and YouTube channels each week, where together, we discover the latest break throughs in and out of the kitchen.

making smart choices

As a member of the club make use of the tools available that have been designed for you to live your best life through food. Podcasts, Books, Eat and Packs are all app based solutions that will help you learn, explore and change your routine and lifestyle for the better. 

it starts with you

The club itself is built and grows from every member that joins. It’s your suggestions, recommendations and tip offs that make it such a unique and special movement to be a part of. Don’t hold back! Share your opinions and join in at every step of the way. Everyone wants to hear from you.

Brand Partners

With your help and inspiration we explore new food cultures, recipe ideas, unusual ingredients, great places to eat and all things new in the future of food, supported by our core partners… Kenwood, Brand USA, Nestlé and Google. We’re constantly uncovering the things that matter most to us all.

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Meet the Studio Team


Barry Taylor

Jamie Spafford

Ben Ebbrell

Mike Huttlestone

Katie O’Reilly

Hannah Cooke

Ray Taylor

James Currie

Jon Roser

Izzy Stocker

Ed Neely

Becca De Fraine

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