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Exploring Food

Welcome to Sorted. A global movement of friends with an appetite for exploring the most incredible food experiences on the planet and cooking up utterly delectable dishes. Whether you’re a total beginner in the kitchen or a well-seasoned foodie, there’s a place in this never ending foodie conversation for you.

Hang Out

Join us for a laugh every Sunday and Wednesday, 4 pm over on YouTube. We’ll be letting ridiculous ideas loose in our London studio or travelling near, far and wide to uncover hidden delights. As you’re already here, explore our website; the home of our wonderful club. Unlock recipes, podcasts, cookbooks and restaurants all created by thousands of people with a similar passion. How could you not get involved?!

Our Promise To You

As we’ve grown as a brand and built the Sorted Club to offer more to passionate foodies like us, we’ve been astounded at how many of you stuck around for the ride. Our community is what makes us tick. Your stories, expertise and ideas have brought us so far and so, we vow to remain authentic, homegrown and true. We believe in quality over quantity and we promise that our content, products, suppliers and grub will always reflect that.



Brand Partners

With your help and inspiration we are keen to explore new food cultures, recipe ideas, unusual ingredients, great places to eat and all things new in the future of food, supported by our core partners… Kenwood, Brand USA, Nestlé and Google. We find out about the things that matter most to you.

Join the conversation and if there’s something you’d like to know more about, do let us know.

Meet the Team


Barry Taylor

Jamie Spafford

Ben Ebbrell

Mike Huttlestone

Katie O’Reilly

Hannah Cooke

Ray Taylor

James Currie

Jon Roser

Izzy Stocker

Ed Neely

Niki Swali