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In Progress…

New book titles are reserved as a priority for club members and are released on general sale 2 months after their launch. 


A.M. Menu 

The A.M. Menu contains plenty of insane recipes modelled off of Sorted’s dream plans to one day open a breakfast café.

Club Launch & Shipping Date: 28th March 19

General Sale: 28th May 19

Edition 6, Title TBC 

Sorted club members are invited to submit recipes and help create the next books. Get involved.

Club Launch & Shipping Date: 25th June 19

General Sale: 25th August 19

All Books

Bucket List

Through their heartwarming stories, foodies and chefs from around the world share recipes they believe you’ve got to try before you die. Discover how a simple plate of food can come to mean so much.

If you’re in love with food, this book is a must-have. Through the recipes you will learn new skills, explore amazing global cuisine and celebrate passion. Each one is accompanied by a short story, so it makes for a great read too!

Can’t Be Arsed to Cook

The Can’t Be Arsed To Cook Book (or CBA2C) is a toolkit to help you out when you’ve hit that wall and can’t muster the energy to cook. Inside these pages you’ll find wickedly easy and stupidly quick recipes that come with guarenteed deliciousness.

If you’re a complete beginner, it’s a fantastic way to get started in the kitchen.

Desserts in Duvets

This book is probably the naughtiest thing you’ve ever picked up. It includes 60 indulgent recipes to induce the most luxurious food coma. Think oozy, sticky toffee puddings, molten chocolate lava cakes, absurd ice cream sundaes and chocolate cookie dough croissants. 

All recipes are designed to have you snuggling under the covers on a cold winter’s day.

You are Sorted

Celebrate the Sorted journey so far. With each turn of the page, you’ll find recipes, friendships and stories to welcome you into the greatest global foodie community. 

It’s crammed with a delicious variety of showstoppers, family classics, monster sharing plates and dishes with the ultimate ‘pwhoar’ factor.